The Gym at CCGC

About the gymnastics facilities at CCGC.

All gymnastics centers claim to be the biggest and the best equipped. Here is the truth about CCGC. We are located in a beautiful 10,000 square foot facility designed and built by us for us. Our space is bright, clean and well maintained. The air-conditioned gym is just the right size for our classes. The most students in the gym during any class is 24.

We have a pit, trampoline, and many sets of bars, beams, rings and ropes. Mats and various smaller equipment add to the safety and variety of activities for all the classes.

The lobby and waiting area are spacious and have something for everyone. We have two observation areas. One is the Quiet Room for working while you watch. There is also an area with comfortable couches, toys for the siblings who are not in class, a great book shelf for young and old, and a nice selection of newspapers and magazines.

By the way, you won't find any vending machines at CCGC. Things are a little healthier that way.


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