Our Philosophy at CCGC

Our philosophy can best be explained by sharing with you the goals for all our programs at CCGC:

  1. FUN - Learning, fitness and gymnastics should be a fun activity for children of all ages and abilities.
  2. DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE ACTIVITIES - Care must be taken to be sure that our programs are safe, educationally sound and appropriate for the ages and individual learning styles of all our students.
  3. FOCUS ON SUCCESS - We feel it is our job to help each child feel that he or she is successful in learning and practicing their skills and activities.
  4. POSITIVE SELF-ESTEEM - We hope to help each child feel good about himself or herself and his or her accomplishments.
  5. MOTOR DEVELOPMENT/SKILL ACQUISITION - We will help each student become a more proficient mover, master a broad base of basic motor skills and begin to refine specific, progressive gymnastics skills.
  6. FITNESS AWARENESS - We will help the children become aware of the importance of improving and maintaining their own fitness. They will see how participation in this program contributes to their current fitness level and helps to build a positive self-image that can influence lifetime fitness.
  7. SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT - We hope to contribute in a positive way to the social and emotional growth and development of each child.
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