The Cumberland County Gymnastics Center offers unique age appropriate gymnastics classes for children ages 1 through 18. All classes involve some combination of movement exploration, movement education, educational gymnastics and Olympic style gymnastic skills and activities. These activities help children become strong, fit and confident. Every age group class has as its foundation the belief that all children can have a fun and successful experience in our programs. Established in 1978 in South Portland, Maine, CCGC is proud of the difference we can make in the lives of children who attend our programs. We hope you will join us soon.

Toddler Class: Ages walking to 3 years, with parent

Come and join the joy and excitement as your toddler explores our special set-ups and begins to master many motor skills and activities.... go to class

Three Year Old Movement Exploration: Age 3

This class combines spontaneous, creative, joyful movement with learning to listen, following directions and being part of a gymnastics class. Parents watch from the observation room... go to class

Preschool and Kindergarten Movement Education and Gymnastics: Ages 4, 5 & 6

This fun class is a movement education approach to gymnastics. The children also learn many traditional gymnastics movements while feeling great about all the wonderful things they can do.... go to class

Grades 1-3 Educational Gymnastics: Coed

Educational Gymnastics along with individual progress charts and an exciting ribbon system are the keys to this popular program. Skills are learned and improved at wonderful stations throughout the gym... go to class

Grades 4 and Up Olympic Gymnastics: Coed

Basic, intermediate and advanced gymnastics skills are taught to each student on an individual basis. The progress that many students make in this class is awesome. ... go to class

Team for Girls: Ages 11 and up

The CCGC team is for girls who have been at CCGC for many years. Team gymnasts are motivated, skilled and love gymnastics. This program is by invitation only. ... go to class

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